Here are the average scores from customers who have attended previous Perl Schools.

The attendees were asked to rate the following aspects of the course on a scale from one to ten:

  1. How do you rate the instructor’s knowledge of the subject?
  2. How well did the instructor teach the subject matter?
  3. How useful did you find the course?
  4. How much did you enjoy the course?
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Perl School 1
Aug 2012
9.50 8.50 7.72 7.83
Perl School 2
Oct 2012
9.44 9.11 7.77 8.33
Perl School 3
Dec 2012
9.54 8.91 8.36 8.63
Perl School 4
Feb 2013
8.92 8.92 8.53 8.61
Perl School 5
Apr 2013
9.80 9.20 7.60 8.40
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  1. […] I thought it went well. But don’t just talk my word for it. I’ve been asking attendees to fill in feedback forms about all the Perl School courses and I’ve published a page summarising that feedback. […]

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