Modern Perl for Non-Perl Programmers

An introduction to Perl for programmers who don’t use Perl (or don’t use much Perl).

Perl has come a long way in the last ten years. It has web frameworks, a powerful ORM, a huge number of add-on libraries and one of the most flexible object systems you’ll find in any language. And there are plenty of companies in London who use Perl and who are looking for Perl programmers.

Come and see why so many companies rely so heavily on Perl. Find out what makes Perl programmers so productive.

Perl author and trainer Dave Cross introduces Perl in a low cost training course that is tailored for people who have used other programming languages.

Format: Lecture

Length: 1 day (approx 6 hours)


  • What is Modern Perl?
  • Introduction to Perl
    • Flow control
    • Subroutines
    • References
    • Variables
    • Context
    • CPAN
  • Modern Perl Tools
    • Object Oriented Programming (Moose)
    • Database Access (DBIx::Class)
    • Dates & Times (DateTime)
    • Web Programming (Frameworks and PSGI/Plack)
  • Further Information
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