Database Programming with Perl and DBIx::Class

Most applications need to store persistent data in some form. And many of those applications will use a database as that storage. For many years Perl has had a powerful database interface layer called DBI, but your Perl database programming will be even simpler if you use DBIx::Class on top of DBI.

In this one-day course we will introduce DBIx::Class and explain how it can help you get your job done more quickly.

Format: Lecture

Length: 1 day (approx 6 hours)


  • Introduction to relational databases
  • Introduction to databases and Perl
    • DBI
    • ORMs
  • Schema classes
    • Creating manually
    • DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader
  • Basic DB operations
    • Creating
    • Reading
    • Updating
    • Deleting
  • Advanced queries
    • Ordering & Paging
    • Joins
    • Grouping & Aggregating
    • Chaining Resultsets
  • Extending DBIC
    • Components
    • Inflation & Deflation
    • Adding Methods
    • Resultset Classes
  • Useful Extensions
    • Deploying Schemas
    • Upgrading Schemas
    • Replication
  • Using DBIC With Moose
  • Further Information
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